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Ordering stuff and anticipating

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll mail the check for the adapter plate and hub. I also ordered a Raptor 1200 controller, 35 ft of cabling and a PB-6 throttle. The feeling of mailing a large check to order something is a bit unsettling. I first noticed it after dropping some G’s for my motor, now again as I prepare to entrust the USPS with my next order.

So used to the internet and instant order confirmation. This must be what it was like decades ago when sending away for purchases was more common. Was it more common? I definitely have more anticipation because of the unknown. I think the motor took 6 weeks after estimates of 2, and then I wasn’t even in town for the delivery.

My vendor says the parts are in hand for this order, so it should be on the way to me within a week or so. Rumor has it that my friend who lent me the engine hoist is going to want it back soon. I guess the race is on to see if I get everything installed first or have to figure out another way to lift 300 lbs in a controlled manner over my fenders.

Battery box assembled

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

My parents were in town for the weekend so I got Dad to help me assemble the rear battery box. It will fit in the fuel tank void and clears the suspension components. I have about an inch extra width than I need so I may trim up some pieces and reassemble. It would provide additional buffer to the rear axle and reduce the weight by a small amount.

I may also go to a angle-iron tray as things progress. I like the idea of wood because it’s completely enclosed except the top. Dad had a good point about the wood being exposed to water so I’ll need to paint it something fancy in case I ever run somebody over and they get stuck down there. My habit whenever a pedestrian was in the way previously was to rev the engine so they’d hear me, I can’t do that anymore. Maybe I can modify my flux capacitor to shoot a bolt of lightning at them or something, just a little jolt to move them along.

Battery Pictures

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Here are some pictures of the battery and the layout for the rear. The piece of wood fit in the back, but I have some more test fits to do. I think I’ll go ahead and build it out of wood and see how it goes.

I also figured that the existing fual tank weighed about 125 lbs full. I’ll have 6 batteries at 40 lbs each plus the weight of the tray so I’m about double. It’ll need some additional supports to the frame.

Also of consideration is room for the battery chargers. I like the idea of twelve individual charger but haven’t thought about it enough yet. If I do go with a single charger I’ll plan on using a monitoring system to keep them level.

More good news – The adapter plate and hub should be machined in the next week, and a Raptor is on hold with my name on it, so I won’t have the 12 week expected lead time!

Battery Tray

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I worked on some drawings for a battery tray for the rear fuel tank area and am now confident about getting 6 in there. I’d suggest buying a sample of the battery you plan to use for actual dimensions. I have a lot more room than I thought based on the online dimensions. It’s easier to visual when you’ve seen the actual battery too. Heavier though.

Some other factors based on having the actual battery:

  • Depending on the terminals the height may be greater
  • I’m not sure how much clearance should be provided between the terminals and the metal frame, is there a potential (ha) for arcing, even if covered in plastic?
  • May provide more room to mount the batteries sideways, I’ll layout both options and mockup with wood

Maybe pics or scans of layout tomorrow.

Pretty accurate model

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I unpacked the motor and was curious to see how well my model matched up to the real thing. It looks pretty good to me, so hopefully everything will fit like it should in the engine bay.

Model Comparision

Model Comparision

Here are some more pictures of the motor. I had a heck of a time finding photos of the drive end when I was trying to visualize how the adapter would work. I plan to take a few detailed shots of the motor and create a page for those to help out anyone considering a WarP 11.

This weekend I cleaned more gunk out of the engine bay. I’d like to remove the steering rack and get the k-member as clean as could be before placing the motor, but we’ll see. I’m still debating a manual steering to avoid a second motor that runs the power steering pump. From reading it seems those are best for skinny tires on drag cars and not daily drivers. I’ll still call a vendor and see what they think about it. The other alternative may be to run an electric pump instead of driving the mechanical pump with an electric motor, that may be more efficient.

I placed an order for the vacuum pump for the brakes. I’ll also need to tap into it for the A/C system because the vents change from dash to feet and windshield be vacuum. I’m not sure if that is as air-tight a system, so I may not want them attached. Not sure how I’d switch from floor to dash though, maybe a straw system I can suck on or something… I’ll worry about it more when this things gets out of the garage.

One day this week I’ll go by and pickup a battery I can use to begin laying out racks to hold them. Once I see the terminals I’ll be more comfortable ordering cabling and connectors and a crimping tool.

Motor is here!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The motor was delivered last Monday. It was a bit of an experience, or so I hear.

I thought I had requested and paid extra for residential delivery, meaning a truck with a lift on it. I had not. So I got an email on Friday evening that the motor would be delivered on Monday by Fedex Freight, between 1 and 3 pm and someone would need to be there to help unload the motor.

There were two problems with that. The first was that my wife and I were going to be on vacation, far out of town and probably without phone access. The second was that I hadn’t expected to have to unload 300 lbs from a delivery truck, rather, that I would have to ask someone to skip work and unload 300 lbs from a delivery truck for me.

After much headscratching I was explaining my situation to neighbor Mike who was going to watch the cats while we were gone. Good old neighbor Mike (you’ll recall him from the engine removal too) offered to help brother James unload the truck. But brother James could only stay until 2:30!

Fortunately the motor showed up at about 2:20 and they got it unloaded and dragged inside. So here it is, a WarP11, waiting to be mated to the Trans Am, now renamed “Trans Amped”. Very cool.

I'm heavier than 250 lbs...

I'm heavier than 250 lbs...

Torque Monster.. if I got the batteries right

Torque Monster.. if I got the batteries right

Summary of motor order and delivery:
1 – Getting shipping quotes, delivery by truck with lift gate is smart, but only if you remember to do it from the vendor you choose to order from in the end.
2 – Total time from mailing the check to motor receipt was about 7 weeks for the WarP 11.
3 – Those suckers are heavy. Real heavy, so I hear.
4 – You ought to do something nice for neighbors and brothers that help you out.